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I can't believe I completed a final and a 10k in one day!!!!!! Thank you coach k 4 the amazing program! #hardworkpaysoff #nevermissedabox #reliability

Thank you so much. I’ve told you this before, but when I started off I couldn’t even run 5 minutes. I legit laughed at the aspect of running a mile straight. Then I laughed at the aspect of running 2, then you told me I’m gonna run a hour straight and I legit didn’t believe you. But I ran 1 hour and 22 minutes straight. This is an incredible program. I’m so lucky that I was a part of it!+results! Really a tremendous opportunity we have been grateful to be part of!

I would just love to say that your program has been amazing for me!

Just finished!! Thank you coach for this program, I proved myself wrong thanks to you!!

The Runnergize program helped me complete a goal I never thought could happen! In just a few short weeks, I was doing way beyond what I imagined! Thank you Coach K!!

I never thought I could train for something like this and reach my goal. This program gives tangible evidence that hard work pays off.

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