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Runnergize was an incredible opportunity for our boys! The boys knew Mr. Kaniel cared and believed in them and they were able to reach an incredible goal, step by step.  A camaraderie developed among the boys and they became a team that encouraged each other. They learned so much about themselves and about reaching goals.

It's been an amazing experience for all of us! So much achdus and self-confidence! Planning+execution+results! Really a tremendous opportunity we have been grateful to be part of!

My daughter looked forward to every session. Even the freezing weather didn't stop her from attending and enjoying the runs. Coach Tova did an amazing job motivating the girls!

An absolutely amazing program.  I signed my son up just to keep him busy and I’m so happy I did!!  He gained so much more than I could’ve ever imagined. Can’t wait for the next session to start.

We really enjoyed the running program. The coach was terrific and the atmosphere between the girls was supportive and fun. It was great to see my daughter's skills develop each week and to watch her cross the finish line of a 5k - exhausted, proud and smiling!

Runnergize is a great program to show kids that exercise can be fun!

The program was easy to participate in. I never could have done it without the motivation of the coach and the group. And I still can’t believe I completed a marathon!

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