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I could hardly run a few minutes straight and never thought I could get anywhere near six miles, let alone three. The Runnergize program has been an incredible part of my life for the past two months, guiding me to discover so many breakthroughs within running and in my life in general. Thank you for such a life-transforming opportunity! [Los Angeles, CA]

This is such an amazing program! I received so much support throughout the entire experience which enabled me to believe in myself and overcome any obstacles I felt were in my way! [Los Angeles, CA] 

This program was a fabulous way to motivate myself to achieve a very healthy goal during this difficult year.  Coach K is a very Positive and inspirational person and helped keep me on track and make it feel like the program was individually tailored. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cost effective, no equipment needed way to get in shape or improve their health. [Monsey, NY] 

This program taught me that even though there can be setbacks or injuries along the way, it doesn’t need to alter your goal. If you persevere and endure you can accomplish what you set out to do. It is an incredibly valuable life lesson.   [Queens, NY]

Your program has been life changing for me, thank you!! [Baltimore, MD] 

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