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Coach Parkoff

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8 Week in Person Training Program for Girls

Running is a proven formula to combat some of the greatest maladies of our times including obesity, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Take advantage of this opportunity to be active and feel great while learning the fundamentals of running. Put yourself or your child on a path towards greater fitness and healthier living, and learn how running can be life-changing.


"My daughter looked forward to every session. Even the freezing weather didn't stop her from attending and enjoying the runs. Coach Tova did an amazing job motivating the girls!"


  • 8 weeks (16 sessions)

  • 45 minute sessions

  • Raffles & Prizes

  • Race with medals

  • Performance Shirt

  • Tentative  Schedule:

Sunday Morning: 11:00
Wednesday Evening: 6:30


  • Learn basic stretching exercises

  • Learn basics of good running form

  • Improve self control

  • Develop greater self-confidence

  • Learn life & leadership skills

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